Here, are some tips about movie theater in HD that shows films in their Original Version (most of the time english/american movies).
Original Version = Originalfassung
Subtitel = Original mit Untertiteln

Am Karlstor 1
69117 Heidelberg
tel: 06221-97 89 11
At the far end of the oldcity. Indenpendant movies, international programmation. Nice for concerts too.

Hauptstrasse 146 (close to Uni. Platz)
69117 Heidelberg
06221-2 05 25
Everyday Monday evening movie in english (no subtitles) and sometimes also during the day.

Schloss Kino
Hauptstrasse 42 (near Bismarkplatz)
69117 Heidelberg
Sometimes they show movie in OV, but the screen is tiny and the sound rather shitty... Too bad !

To find the programm for each Theater in HD try the website Yahoo movie. Do not forget to cross "original version"  so that you only get film in OV.

You can find big movie theater in  Mannheim Cineplex ou Cinemaxx that sometimes play "blockbusters" in OV.